Providing a number of different services that can be tailored to your company’s individual needs starts with obtaining a deep understanding of your business requirements. Our goal is to develop highly efficient, cost effective solutions that compliment your company’s goals. We support the deployment of any solution from start to finish, making sure your company has what it needs to fully integrate the new product into its business processes and day-to-day workflow.

Network Infrastructure

A connected office is essential to business continuity and productivity. We have thorough knowledge of the infrastructure it takes to keep your company’s network and data centers performing at top speeds, while securing it from possible intrusion. Our ongoing research in the latest market innovations combined with years of experience allow us to ensure that the products deployed to your networks are high performing and reliable.


Commissions & Repair

You can count on us to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to choosing the right hardware and software for your business needs. We provide on-site repairs as well as remote support for the hardware and software challenges that impact corporate continuity and efficiency.  We also monitor and perform preventative maintenance on your systems, allowing you to rely on the technology needed to get the job done.

Operations Management

For a business to grow and be successful on all levels, it must maximize process efficiency in all aspects of operations. Modern Mechanic works with many customers to make sure that the processes and protocols that go into company's workflow perform at their maximum potential. Modern Mechanic will look at the resources available to our client's organizations and form a strategy that streamlines business operations by leveraging IT.

Data Automation

Use automated programs to save time and money on a wide variety of day-to-day operations processing. We will utilize programs and create custom scripts to eliminate redundancies in data input so your employees can focus on other tasks at hand. We will audit current workflow to eliminate time-consuming task items, Create new scenarios in operations processing, and let your hardware and software do the automated heavy lifting.



With Modern Mechanic, we are able to focus on our core business and not on IT issues. When I email or call, I get the immediate attention needed to resolve any IT issues that arise. 

Todd Jacobs


Enhance Building Maintenance, Inc