With over 10 years of experience in multiple industries, Modern Mechanic has paved a road with promising solutions for many aspects of business growth and development. Our wide-range of IT and Operational hands-on experience can assist you with optimizing your company’s potential, as well as increase profitability and market share.



IT Consultation

Our consulting services allow customers to stay up-to-date with the technology that helps businesses grow. We align ourselves with the latest and greatest technology which we can then apply to customers’ specific business needs. You can be sure that your hardware and software assets are fine-tuned with the best that vendors have to offer,  allowing your business to function at full IT potential.

Business Strategy & Marketing

Apply an in-depth marketing strategy based on analysis to find and convert your target audiences. We can help usher your brand into the new era and keep you on the level playing field of the rapidly-expanding technology industry. Our partnership is aimed at taking your organization to the next level in its respective field. 



Customer Support

For a business to grow and be successful on all levels, they must maximize process efficiency in all aspects of their IT. We will work with you to make sure that the processes and protocols that go into your company's workflow perform at their maximum potential. Modern Mechanic will look at the resources available to clients organization and form a strategy for improving your IT operations that goes beyond customers standards.

Application Integration

We apply the best mission-critical applications to ensure maximum uptime for your network and to cultivate the most efficient business processes. Our team invests a substantial amount of time in finding the most effective software solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers. you can be sure that the applications moving your organization forward are the best fit for the job at hand.



Modern Mechanic takes the time to fully understand the requirements of customers and is prompt and efficient in fulfilling orders to the customer's exact tech-related needs.

Mike Birch


Four Seasons Marketing