Differences Between Endpoint Backup and Sync and Share

Our clients often ask us if they can forgo their endpoint backups because all of their important data is stored on a sync-and-share service such as Dropbox. It is important to know the fundamental differences between an end-point backup and the sync-and-share services that business rely on to protect their data. After researching various backup solutions, Modern Mechanic partnered with Code42 in order to roll out CrashPlan to our clients. We chose CrashPlan Pro-e because it was an enterprise level product that completely covered all our clients’ business requirements.



An enterprise level backup solution should be designed to be invisible and silent, this means that a user should never be interrupted by their backups until they need to recover data. Fortunately CrashPlan is designed to run continuously in the background and even comes with the option to throttle the CPU and Network resources it uses up. We often throttle our backups to ensure that users don’t experience lag while working on their home network.

In order to avoid user intervention CrashPlan works on a set-it-and-forget-it model that allows users to automatically backup all of their data. With sync-and-share, users must select the data they want to sync each time. With a sync and share service it can be easy for a user to forget to sync an important file.

Although it seems that your data is fully protected by your sync and share services, there are major differences in data protection methods. Enterprise endpoint backup is engineered and optimized specifically for the secure, reliable backup and restore of data on laptops and desktops. Sync and share tends to prioritize for usability rather than security.

We have seen time and time again how important backing up critical data can be.  Not only is corporate data extremely valuable, losing priceless private data such as family photos is a situation that can strike anyone. CrashPlan has been tested by our clients, which include small, medium, and enterprise users and has proven to be very effective in keeping crucial data safe from the very real threat of theft, damage or deletion.

For more information on CrashPlan visit http://www.code42.com/crashplan/. If you are interested in getting set up with a CrashPlan enterprise account contact Modern Mechanic and we will be happy to help! 



Posted on September 19, 2014 .