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Immediate Remote Support

Modern Mechanic provides Help Desk support for clients requiring immediate assistance. We troubleshoot problems using remote login tools.

Pesky computer problems can cause the work day to come to a grinding halt. Our technicians are available at an instant to help customers get back to work.

Call now for immediate support.

Preventative Maintenance

Business computer systems require regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Simple maintenance tasks will prevent unnecessary downtime.

Operating systems are becoming increasingly better about automating basic maintenance tasks. However, it remains equally important to allow the system to update itself and run the tasks as scheduled. Regular maintenance is often overlooked by businesses that rightly prioritize working instead of updating their computers. Modern Mechanic can provide after-hours maintenance service to limit disruption of normal business operations.

Our technicians utilize special software to speed up computers and remove potential threats.

Contracted IT Outsourcing

Modern Mechanic offers contracted IT outsourcing to valued clients. Service contracts ensure immediate prioritized support, monthly IT budget allocation, and discounted labor rates.

Service contracts are developed using our three step estimating process. We calculate the labor needed for preventative maintenance, we estimate the time for providing help-desk support, and forecast the cost of implementing new technology. The resulting estimate is the basis of the service agreement and discounted labor rates are applied.

In addition to the service agreement we create a hardware budget allocation. After assessing the needs of the network and accounting for future growth, we estimate yearly IT hardware expenditures and provide a monthly estimate to budget for the future.