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Comprehensive Technology Solutions

  • Immediate Remote Support
  • Cloud Integration
  • Website Development
  • Hosted Exchange Collaboration
  • Comprehensive Backup Strategies
  • IT Security Audits
  • On-site Data Management
  • Employee Productivity Controls
  • Technology Asset Management
  • Apple / Mac Support

Modern Mechanic remains on the cutting edge of technology. Our wide range of clients exposes us to different methodologies of how to integrate technology into business workflows. The greatest benefits are often found in the most simple and cost effective solutions.

Each company utilizes industry specific software and we understand the backend of these programs to provide administrative support and ensure all data is secure.

Our computer lab is set up to evaluate new technologies. We are continuously testing new programs and methods of improving communication, efficiency and accountability.

Commercial and Industrial Companies

Automotive Industry

Modern Mechanic began with computerizing automotive shops when most relied heavily on paper (hence the name Modern Mechanic). Since that time we expanded our reach to include commercial and industrial companies in the greater Bay Area.

Our customer base is comprised of heavy industry, technology manufacturers, agricultural processing facilities and large scale warehouses and distribution.

Professional Offices

Professional Services

Professional offices thrive on fluid collaboration between employees. IT fundamentals such as sharing data, contacts, and schedules are the basis of a productive workplace. We can help extend the workplace to regional offices, mobile employees, and independent contractors.

Up-time is critical to office environments. We are experts in implementing the backup strategies and security audits necessary to protect customer’s data. We mitigate downtime by using a combination of redundant on-site hardware, off-site backups and cloud hosting.

We provide cost assessments for hardware purchases and manage IT inventory.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Modern Mechanic has longstanding relationships with multiple nonprofit organizations. We understand the need to maximize IT budgets and we introduce cost effective solutions. We arrange for nonprofit discounts on hardware, software and online services. Our administrative team assists our clients with creating yearly IT budgets.

We work with nationwide nonprofit organizations with regional offices scattered across the country and have traveled as far as Africa bringing people closer together.

Construction Consulting

Construction Consulting

Modern Mechanic provides network infrastructure construction consulting. We conceptualize, plan and future proof remodels or new construction.

We are experienced with structured wiring, phone systems, integrated wireless coverage, lighting automation, and digital video surveillance. Careful thought and future planning will save unnecessary costs.

Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Modern Mechanic builds custom computer systems. Past projects include specialized computer systems for vehicles, boats, and harsh environments. Our hardware level expertise ensures a successful match between the specifications and requirements of each project.